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Reinventing Chemical 

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Fermentation has been used in human society for millennia to produce food and beverages such as beer, wine, and cheese, long before the underlying science was even understood. Since then, however, advances in biochemistry and biotechnology have paved the way for accessing a wealth of important compounds and products through large-scale biomanufacturing.   


Join us in mobilizing leaders in industry, academia, and public policy to realize the tremendous promise of next-generation biotech.   


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Read our White Paper where we share the insights from our Kickoff Event: Reinventing Chemical Manufacturing with Biotechnology — Chemical Industry on the Cusp

"Manufacturing chemicals and bioactive natural products through bacteria, fungi, yeast and animal cells can reduce toxic waste, ameliorate climate change, foster sustainability and more. But we need a roadmap to guide and sustain the industrialization of biology similar to those that shaped the chemical, biopharmaceuticals, telecommunications, aerospace and semiconductor industries."

How do we move forward to maximize biotech’s potential?


The answer to this question and more on mobilizing leaders in industry, academia and public policy to realize the tremendous promise of next-generation biotech.